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Prospective Client Information

Client Centered

If our vision, mission statement, and ideal client profile align with what you are looking for in a Wealth Management Team, we offer an initial complementary consultation and would love to meet you. We offer face to face, phone, or virtual appointments.  During our first meeting we will discuss your overall goals, financial objectives, and the steps to creating a plan that best fits your vision for your future. This initial meeting should last about one hour.

An Ideal Client - Is This You?

Our ideal client has a similar philosophy as the Anchor Wealth Management Group, LLC. Click Here to see a description of what       our clients value in their relationships            with us. 

Financial Planning Process

One of the important aspects of our work together is based on education. Click Here to see our financial planning process. We start with a common understanding of what financial planning is and how it works. From there we gather information, followed by learning your personal vision and goals. This is an important aspect of creating a plan that is developed specifically for you.


Do you know what your risk tolerance is? Click Here to answer a few questions. This will help us learn your return expectations and risk style. It is one of many factors we use in recommending a sensible investment strategy.

Financial Checklist

The checklist will give us a good start to understanding where you are today. Rest assure that everything you choose to share with us will be held in strict confidence. Click Here to see the checklist.

To help maximize our time together please bring copies of the documents requested on the checklist.

Confidential Profile

Click Here to access the profile. This profile shares with us who you are and what you would like to accomplish. Please bring any documents you have collected along with the confidential profile to your upcoming appointment.